General consultation is a meeting between a patient and a specialist that includes various wellbeing issues to be discussed. In this meeting doctors usually check patient’s blood sugar level, cholesterol, eyes, ears, throat, weight, etc. It’s mainly your whole body scan to check whether you have any sort of health issue or not. The main purpose behind this meeting is to diagnose the health problems of the patient before they become too complicated to handle. On the off chance that a patient is stressed over something particular, for example, cancer, diabetes, coronary illness or stroke, he can talk about it with the specialist in this consultation. Specialists may make inquiry about patient’s day by day schedule, habits and any acquired infection.

General Consultation can include:

  • Height / weight checkup
  • Blood pressure checkup
  • Cholesterol checkup
  • Blood sugar checkup
  • Throat checkup
  • Ear/Eye checkup
  • Thyroid checkup

In some cases, where doctors find cholesterol level, blood pressure increased they may perform further check ups for various heart disease like ECG. ECG is an electrical recording of your heart activities. It can deliver details of previous heart attacks or problems with the heart rhythm. If a patient is a heavy smoker doctors always prefer to do chest X-ray. In General consultation, your physical as well as mental health is analyzed by doctors. A meeting with a psychiatrist or psychologist is also considered as a general consultation.

Why General Consultation is necessary?
In today’s life which is full of hassles, overstress, hectic schedule and unhealthy diets one can never know when the disease may encounter. So it is better to prevent or be aware about them before they arrive. General consultation kills the hazards related to various diseases before they kill you. In other words, it provides you preventive measure to halt a disease.

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