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As a practicing physician for over 20 years, Dr. Ebenezer Odoom is the owner and primary care physician at NY Multi Medical – one of the premiere family medical practices in all of Queens. Dr. Odoom is board certified, as a practicing pediatrician, internist, as well as a geriatrician. As a result, he treats patients of all ages, and genders, for a wide variety of issues and concerns. As a primary care physician, Dr. Odoom prides himself on being the patient’s first line of defense, and hopes to provide patients with the very best in general health care diagnosis, treatment, and overall health and wellness advice!

With over 2 decades in medicine, Dr. Odoom has a rich history in the field, as both a successful physician working in hospitals, and now his very own medical practice. In addition to treatment, Dr. Odoom also prides himself on being an educator having taught medical students in subjects ranging from human anatomy & physiology, to histology, and embryology – at the Medical School of Pecs, located in Hungary. With an International medical background, Hungary is coincidentally where Dr. Odoom earned much of his medical training, and later completing his studies right here in the 5 boroughs, at the Staten Island University Hospital School of Medicine.

In addition to running his own practice in Queens Village, Dr. Odoom is also a Preceptor in Clinical Medicine at the New York Hospital in Queens, and has also spent time in practices across Nassau and Queens County. For more information on Dr. Odoom, or NY Multi Medical, be sure to contact the office today.

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