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Annual physical exam is a way of testing whether you are healthy enough to cope up with your routine life or not. We can also say that this exam act as an alarm, to catch wellbeing issues before they become critical. In this exam, you have an interaction with your doctor where he will discuss the concerns about your lifestyle behaviors like smoking habits, too much alcohol use, sexual health, diet, and exercise. He may likewise check for the immunization required by one’s body so as to prevent the disease before the cure is required. In other words, we can say that annual physical exam is your whole body scan.

Tests included in Annual Physical Exam:
Heart Test: In Heart test, the doctor will check for your pulse with a stethoscope. On the off chance that you have any heart diseases or heart related issue doctors will in a split second catch it just by listening a irregular beat or a heart mumble or whatever other piece of information.

Lung Test: In lung test, doctors will gather a lot of information from simply watching a patient’s breath. Along with a breath test, doctors also examine the color of the patient around the lips and nails, general comfort like do they seem bothered, diaphoretic, worked? Doctors likewise recommend proper treatments that need to be taken according to the complexity of the disease a patient have.

Abdominal Test: The abdominal test ordinarily starts with a visual examination of the mid-region of the body. Some common things an examiner might look for are masses, scars, abdominal distension etc.

Neurological Test: Nerves, muscle strength, reflexes, balance, mental state may is typically checked in these tests.

Dermatological Test: Patient’s skin, hairs and nails are usually examined by the doctors in these tests. All the above mentioned tests are common for both males and females, but separately, both require some additional tests like breast test, pelvic test and HPV test for females and Testicular test, Hernia test, etc.
It is good to face your health issues before they turn out to be more complicated and for this you must have a physical exam at least once in a year. Always remember that your health is your wealth and your everything, so you should never take a risk with it.
New York Multi Medical Care provides the facility of having all these tests to you at reasonable rates. We care for our patients and thus, provide them all the care and support they need to lead a peaceful and healthy life. For more inquiries you can visit us.

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