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General follow up is regular consultation with the doctor so as to maintain proper wellbeing. Mainly, it is for patients who have undergone any therapy, operation or any kind of treatment earlier. People who have not undergone any type of treatment earlier can also make this consultation to discuss various wellbeing issues. An important aim of follow-up is to determine treatment efficacy, which involves assessing the current status of signs and side effects, with specific reference to the infection that prompted the start of treatment. Another important aim of follow-up is to evaluate the well-being of treatment.

Generally, follow up should be done after every treatment. But for some disease a proper follow up is mandatory. Some of these types of diseases are given below:

  • Celiac disease: It is a chronic autoimmune disease, which stops the growth of an individual. In this sickness, follow up is an essential stride in seeing how to eat legitimate supplements for development of the body.
  • Fabry disease: It is a rare genetic disease. For this enzyme replacement therapy is provided to the patients and that needs proper follow up to assess treatment efficacy.
  • Cancer: Follow up cancer care involves endoscopy that is the use of a thin, lighted tube to examine the inside of the body and various lab test to ensure that everything is fine after treatment.

There are different issues that a patient may confront after a treatment. He should talk about every one of them with the specialist in order to keep away from further complexities because of symptoms brought on by the treatment. Beneath given are a few focuses that patients must talk about with the specialist during a follow up visit.

  • Any symptoms that they think may be a sign that their disease has returned
  • Any pain that bothers them
  • Any physical issue confronted by them while doing day by day life exercises like trouble sleeping, weight increase or misfortune, exhaustion or any trouble in sexual capacities.
  • Any mental issue confronted by them, for example, anxiety or depression

New York Multi Medical Care, provides follow-up care that involves regular medical checkups in which our experts take a review of a patient’s medical history and a physical exam. For any type of follow up treatment you can contact us or visit us.

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