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As a primary care physician and one of the foremost doctors in Queens, Dr. Odoom specializes in a wide variety of health and wellness issues, helping patients to get the care, treatment, and diagnosis they need – no matter what their issues might be. As a part of his practice at NY Multi Medical he and his team also offer a number of preliminary heart health and cardiovascular services including EKGs.

Electrocardiogram or EKG Services
The Electrocardiogram is a vital test for an individuals heart health. It is a form of diagnostic testing that measures the heart’s electrical activity and gives us a solid indication of different issues that might be going on with your heart.

Heartbeats are caused by electrical impulse, that make the muscles contract and push blood in and out of the heart’s chambers and in and out of different areas int he body. These electrical impulses are referred to as waves, and they are measures by an EKG. Using the reading of such a test, Dr. Odoom is able to identify irregularities within these waves and identify any underlying issues or problems that might exist. Whether you are in need of EKG or electrocardiogram services for a standard heart health checkup, a pre-surgery physical examination, for insurance testing purposes, workplace examination or physical or you had a recent health scare, Dr. Odoom and his team can help.

Why Should You Get an EKG?
As we mentioned, an EKG is a vital test that allows us to get an overall individuation of what is occurring with your heart and how it is doing its job. Often times, people may need an EKG for some time of physical or pre-surgery examination. However, in other circumstances, if you are experiencing issues such as chest pains, dizziness, numbness, accelerated heart rate, amongst other issues – an EKG is an important first place to start.

If you are a patient in need of EKG services, be sure to contact Dr, Odoom and his team at NY Multi Medical today.

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