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Our heart health is just like our insurance policy, that is required for living a peaceful, healthy and long life. On the off chance that your heart health is sufficiently bad there are probably more chances that you will develop cardiovascular illness. Cardiovascular disease is a disease of the heart or blood vessels. In these types of disease a blood clot is formed in the artery or blood vessel because of which artery becomes hard and the flow of blood to body parts is reduced. These diseases cause continuous damage to the vessels that nourish the heart. There are a number of causes of CVD, including smoking, obesity, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol intake. Cardiovascular disease, if not treated on time can cause a heart attack, irregular heart rhythms, cardiac arrest, and even heart failure sometimes. So, it is necessary to detect them on an initial stage for avoiding further complications and that’s why cardiovascular checkups are necessary.

Cardiovascular diseases are of following types:
Coronary heart disease: These diseases occur when the flow of oxygen rich blood to your heart is restricted because of greasy material build in your veins. The initial sign of this disease is chest pain and if framed at abnormal state it can bring about even a heart attack.

Stroke: It is a serious medical condition that occurs when the flow of blood to your brain is restricted. In this condition brain cells begin to die slowly. It can be cured if detected at initial stage otherwise can cause even death followed by brain damage.

Peripheral arterial disease: This disease occurs when the flow of blood to your limbs is restricted. This can cause excessive pain in your legs, thighs, hips or calves.

As explained, Cardiovascular diseases can cause even death followed by heart attack or brain damage. So, it gets to be necessary for you to recognize these at the introductory stage to maintain a distance from further inconveniences. New York Multi Medical Care is your perfect partner specialize in providing all types of cardiovascular checkups that are necessary for your healthy and wealthy life. So, simply do not over think, take your first step towards a peaceful life and visit us now for all sorts of check ups.

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