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As one of the most well-respected primary care physicians in Queens, Dr. Odoom specializes int he treatment of adults of all ages, and for a variety of different issues. And while he and his team at NY Multi Medical can help to test for, diagnose, and treat a variety of different health issues, in the event a patient is in need of the care of a specialist, Dr. Odoom has a wide referral network that can help!

Referrals to Specialists & More
With direct connections to some of the best specialists, testing facilities, rehabilitations and more, across Queens and the other boroughs, as well as Long Island – Dr. Odoom can help connect you with the best specialist specific to your needs, ensuring you get the same high-level treatment and care, you would get from NY Multi Medical!

In addition, for certain forms of testing and diagnostics, such as an X-ray, MRI, or other types of lab work that may not be offered at NY Multi Medical, Dr. Odoom will gladly provide patients with a referral to some of the best medical providers across the city.

Prescription Medication
As a primary care physician, Dr. Odoom can write prescriptions for a variety of different issues and compounds, as part of a treatment protocol. Whether it’s for something as simple as a common cold, strep throat, or a greater issue or concern, he will prescribe you precisely what you need and only if he deems you need it!

While there are many doctors out there with a tendency to overprescribe, Dr. Odoom strives to help treat his patients, by identifying the safest, and least invasive measures possible for treatment. This ensures he can help patients avoid unwanted side effects, dependencies on certain prescription drugs, and other issues. However, when a prescription becomes necessary Dr. Odoom is here for you.

Other Prescriptions
In addition to medications, certain other healthcare items such as wheelchairs, braces, monitoring devices and more may be available at NY Multi Medical if Dr. Odoom and his staff deem appropriate. For more information on any of these types of prescriptions be sure to ask during your appointment.

For more information on prescription medications, referrals or any other issues, be sure to contact Dr. Oddom today.

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