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What is Chronic Fatigue?
Chronic fatigue is a perplexing medical condition that is mainly caused by long-term fatigue. However, there is not a solitary cause of chronic fatigue, there may be a combination of factors that can cause it. Some causes of chronic fatigue are viral infections, immune system problems and hormonal imbalance. A person may experience chronic fatigue if he/she is confronting trouble in overseeing stress in day by day life. Chronic fatigue may cause depression, social separation, lifestyle restrictions and laziness. Chronic Fatigue can impact anybody but it is more basic in ladies.

Causes and symptoms of chronic fatigue: Modern life is full of concerns because desires are changing into obsessions, individuals are developing mania about their aspirations, dreams. So in such circumstance, anxiety is well on the way to be crashed into one’s life followed by various diseases like obesity, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. All these minor diseases gradually impact individual’s health and after sometime develop into a serious medical condition like chronic fatigue. Some fatigue is normal in today’s modern life which is full of hassles, however when your fatigue starts changing into excessive fatigue, which is some of the time unbearable you should come to realize that it may be chronic fatigue. There are also following other symptoms of chronic fatigue like loss of memory, sore throat, excessive muscle pain, Pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness and unrefreshing sleep.

In New Multi Medical Care, along with medicines and routine plans including diet plans and sleep routines, emotional support is also provided to the patients which helps them a lot in recovery. We care for our patients just in the similar way as their friends and family does. We have experts that can judge your mental as well as physical state effectively and further can treat you on the basis of the same. We provide psychological as well as physical therapy to the patients according to the level of complexity of chronic fatigue they have. You can visit and contact us for any type of treatment.

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