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The value of prenatal examinations is evident even in poor nations. It is advised to take a month to month examinations as from the third month of pregnancy. When you get a positive home pregnancy test, you should consult a gynecologist.

Significance of Prenatal Care
Regular prenatal consultations with your health care provider during your pregnancy are essential to ensure your and your baby’s health. Along with medical care, the prenatal consultation also includes education on pregnancy and childbirth.

Continuous visits with your gynaecologist permits you to take after the progress of your baby’s development. The consultations likewise provide you the chance to ask questions.

The main purpose of your prenatal visit is to:

  • Conclude your delivery date
  • Investigate the medical background of your family members
  • Discover your health history
  • Figure out whether you have any pregnancy risks depending on your health, personal medical history, age or family history

You will be questioned about your medical conditions, exposure to any infectious illness or previous pregnancies and surgeries. Additionally, tell your gynaecologist about any medicine you have taken or taking presently.

During your visits, your gynaecologist will perform several tests such as physical exam, blood pressure measurement, HIV, CBC, RPR, HbsAg, ultrasound etc. And also some genetic tests

The gynaecologist will no doubt need to talk about different lifestyle changes that should be made to ensure your and your baby’s health. A few of these changes are as follows:

  • Creating a healthy diet
  • Restricting travel
  • Avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Taking prenatal vitamins
  • Being vaccinated
  • Establishing an exercise regimen
  • Becoming aware of the need for health care during pregnancy

In case you are thinking of having a baby, yet are worried about a probably passing a genetic disease to your child or any medical issue; prenatal consultation might be extremely beneficial. New York Multi Medical Care has highly experienced gynaecologists dedicated in providing effective gynaecology services at pocket friendly prices. Our experienced doctors can answer all of your questions about prenatal queries, caring for your baby before and after birth etc. Schedule your visit today!

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