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A child’s care is not a rocket science, but matches its level of complexity up to an extent. Your child is your beloved, treasure and your everything so you always want to be sure about his/her wellbeing and if baby is having fever then this is the most common cause of anxiety in parents. Children catches fever soon because they are more sensitive towards germs than adults. Fever can make a child uncomfortable and irritated. No doubt, parenting is a beautiful experience, but sometimes the thing that annoy parents the most is that their child cannot even speak out and tell his/her problem to them. But do not stress, New York Multi Medical Care have experts who can understand your child’s inconvenience within seconds.

Germs : Germs are small living things, that can bring illness. Germs are so little and tricky that they crawl into a child’s body without being noticed. They may get introduced in your child’s body, when you touch or love them without washing your hands. So you should always make sure that your hands are clean before touching your child. If your child is above five year’s gems may get introduced in his/her body while playing, eating and drinking.

Immunizations : No doubt, immunization is necessary for every child. But sometimes, after getting vaccinated your child might have a fever.

Temperature : Infants generally under six months, are not able to tolerate high temperatures. They may get a fever if kept under high or low temperature because they are not able to regulate their body temperature. Children above one year may also get a fever due to sudden temperature change. Overdressing can keep body heat from getting away and can bring about a temperature to rise. Therefore, the child must not be overdressed or temperature around him must be always normal.

New York Multi Medical Care can help you in nurturing your child effectively as they grow and mature. We have experts that can understand your child’s difficulty just after watching and examining him for a few minutes. You can visit us for more information about your child’s health.

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