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Emphysema is a disease related to the lungs. Lungs contain alveoli that permit oxygen and carbon dioxide to move between the lungs and bloodstream. Emphysema slowly damages the alveoli as a result of which a person feels uncomfortable while breathing. It can be said that, emphysema causes irreversible damages to your lungs which can be very dangerous for your wellbeing. However, treatment may slow its evolution. It reduces your lung surface area up to such an extent that fresh oxygen finds no way to enter and carbon dioxide finds no way to exit the lungs.

Causes of Emphysema: The main cause of emphysema is long-term exposure to airborne nuisance and that may happen because of smoking (tobacco or any other type of smoking), air pollution, manufacturing fumes. Along with all these causes it can also be caused by an inherited deficiency, but in very rare cases. In most of the cases, the main reason behind a person getting Emphysema is smoking. Older age and male sex are also some of the risk factors that can cause emphysema. Rare cause of emphysema is a deficiency of Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT). It is a natural protein circulating in human blood and its main function is to prevent white blood cells from damaging normal tissues.

Treatments for emphysema: Emphysema is incurable, yet there exists some treatment that can slow its progression. Its treatments totally depend on the seriousness of side effects you have. In New York Multi Medical Care, we provide various medications, therapies and surgeries to treat emphysema.

Medications : Medications involves inhaling steroids that can relieve shortness of breath. Sometimes antibiotics are also given to the patients when a bacterial infection is developed inside them. Medications are provided to you if you have low severity of symptoms.

Therapies : In the event that it is not relieved with medications, therapies are provided to the patients like pulmonary rehabilitation in which different breathing exercises are recommended by specialists to the patients. Nutrition therapy may also be provided by the specialists relying on the physical examination of the patient.

Surgeries : Different surgeries are recommended by the specialists if a patient has high seriousness of emphysema like lung volume decrease surgery and lung transplant. They are the options for patients if all other options have failed.
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