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Whether it might be for your school, work, or just your overall peace of mind – in today’s trying times, being up to date on all your shots and immunizations are a vital aspect of daily life, and a key to living a healthy, happy, life free of unwanted illness and disease.

As one of the foremost primary care specialists in Queens, Dr. Odoom and his team at NY Multi Medical specialize in a wide variety of treatment and care methods, including providing a number of different shots, vaccinations, and immunizations.

The Importance of Immunization
Throughout out history, humans have dealt with and been able to treat some of the worst illnesses known to man. And in years past while these illnesses may have ravaged entire communities, asa result of advances in modern science and medicine, we now have a number of amazing immunization measures and vaccinations designed to help prevent us from catching and spreading unwanted issues such as polio, mumps, rubella, measles, tetanus and much more!

Regardless of your age, health or circumstance is life, immunizations are vital and something no one should go without!

School and Work Vaccination
At NY MUlti Medical, Dr. Odoom and his team provide patients with a number of immunizations and vaccinations that may be needed for your work or school record. Often times, schools will not allow children to attend or teachers to teach, and different jobs often have immunization as a vital requirement for qualification. Dr. Odoom can provide you with the immunizations you need to update your record and cover any and all requirements for work and school. Be sure to bring any relevant documentation you might need to send to your work or school with you to your immunization appointment, and Dr. Odoom will gladly help provide you with a record.

Flu Vaccination
The flu or influenza is a serious issue and without proper care and vaccination can cause serious illness and leave individuals in the hospital for long periods of time. In severe cases it can even be fatal for those with adverse health issues, this is why the flu shot can be one of the most important vaccinations you can get.

For more information on immunization and vaccination be sure to contact us today.

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