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As one of Queens’ foremost primary care physicians, Dr. Odoom and his team at NY Multi Medical specialize in the care, treatment and diagnosis of adult patients of all ages. And as a specialist in internal medicine, with over 20 years of experience in the long term care, treatment and diagnosis of patients, Dr. Odoom has become an expert in his field, and provides patients across Queens with a service few of his colleagues can match.

Internal Medicine Versus Family Medicine
Being an internist, Dr. Odoom and the NY Multi Medical staff are often mentioned in close proximity to family medicine practices and while they do bare a lot of similarities and Dr. Odoom does offer family medicine services often, its important to understand what specifically internal medicine can offer patients.

Bloodwork, Testing and Laboratory Work
One of the key aspects of Dr. Odooms practice, as one of the top primary care internists in all of Queens, is the subject of laboratory science – the evaluation and examination of patient bloodwork. As a top internist, Dr. Odoom specializes in providing patients with a wide variety of bloodwork and testing in order to better help treat and diagnose their needs. With over 20 years of experience in the field, this has allowed him to become an expert in a wide variety of serious and complicated diseases and conditions. Having treated countless patients over the years, Dr. Odoom takes a meticulous approach in helping patients to identify key issues within their laboratory bloodwork and analysis, and helping them to understand how these figures are relevant to their overall health and wellness.

Using his vast knowledge of bloodwork and testing, Dr. Odoom strives to help his patients live a healthy, happy and joy filled life, no matter how old they might be and as they enter their latter years of life. Dr. Odoom specializes in using bloodwork to address common lifestyle issue and concern such as high cholesterol, blood pressure issues, diabetes, sinus infections and issues, allergies and much more.

Screenings and Physicals
As an internal medicine specialist Dr. Odoom and his staff are dedicated to helping patients stay on top of their overall health and wellness. They do this not only by providing regular blood work and laboratory testing, but also through the process of yearly physicals, cancer screenings and much more.

During a health screening we may perform tasks like checking your vitals, updating your vaccination records, performing a thorough physical examination, discussing your healthcare goals, provide recommendations for your lifestyle, help reduce your risk of disease and illness, manage medications, and much more!

Prevntatiave Medicine
While physicals are important part of staying on top of your overall health and wellness, they also provide Dr. Odoom to get a close up look at different health markers, and identify problem issues that might arise in the future. This allows him to not only help to diagnose and treat current issues, but to predict warning signs and prevent future issues from arising by addressing them early, and often.

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