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The older we get, its no secret that our health and wellness needs become that much more stringent and vital to our daily lives. Older patients are a vital part of our society and offer wisdom and guidance for the generations to come. As a board certified geriatrician, Dr. Ebenezer Odoom has been treating elderly patients across Queens for over a decade – for a variety of different injuries, issues and ailments!

The Importance of Geriatric Medicine
Often times older patients may struggle with a wide variety of issues, including things like memory loss, balance issues, hearing problems and even vision loss. And all too often it can be difficult to understand whether these issues are attributed to the natural aging process or an actual illness. This is where the job of a geriatric specialist like Dr. Odoom is vital. Dr. Odoom and his team at NY Multi Medical play an integral role in providing the vital primary care consultation, diagnosis, and treatment for elderly patients and their issues.

Geriatric Testing and Assessment
At NY Multi Medical, Dr. Odoom performs a number of vital comprehensive assessments and analysis tests, in order to best provide patients with the primary care diagnostics they need. As we mentioned, this allows us to better differentiate between an actual illness and the natural aging process.

Geriatric Issues and Services
Dr. Odoom specializes in the treatment of a wide variety of erratic patient issues, from memory loss issues, gait problems, incontinence, loss of independence, hearing or vision loss, cardiovascular issues, diabetic issues, dementia, pain management and much more. With 20 years in the field, Dr. Odoom has been able to treat countless patients as they advance in age, helping them to live their absolute best life possible, and maintain their independence well into their latter years.

As one of Queens’ foremost geriatric primary care physicians, Dr. Odoom offers patients a vital first step in the treatment process. He and his team will run careful and thorough diagnostics, and provide treatment methods no matter what your issue might be. In addition, he has a wide referral network that allows him to better connect his patients to some of the best specialists in all of New York City – ensuring that no matter what your geriatric health issues might be, and no matter how severe, you are able to get the first class treatment you deserve, right here in the heart of Queens!

For more information on Dr. Odoom, the practice, or any of our many geriatric treatment services be sure to contact NY Multi Medical today.

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