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Your surgeon will need to ensure that you are prepared for your surgery. For which, you will have a few tests and checkups before going for surgery.

Many people on your surgery group may put the same questions before your surgery. This is due to your group needs to accumulate as much data as they can to give you the best surgery results. So be patient if you are asked about the same inquiries more than once.

Pre-op Tests and Checkup
The time before your surgery is called Pre-op. It signifies “before operation.” During this time, you will meet with one of your doctors. This might be your primary care doctor or surgeon:

  • This checkup basically need to be done before the surgery. It will give your doctor time to treat any medical issues you may have before your surgery.
  • In this visit, you will be gotten some information about your wellbeing throughout the years.
  • You may likewise see your anesthesiologist the prior week surgery. This is the doctor who will give you medicine that will make you sleep and not feel torment during surgery.

Visits With Other Doctors
Your doctor will need to ensure that other health conditions you may have won’t bring about issues during surgery. So you may also need to visit:

  • A heart specialist (cardiologist), on the off chance that you have a history of heart issues or if you smoke intensely, have hypertension or diabetes, or are flabby and can’t stroll up a flight of stairs.
  • A diabetes specialist (endocrinologist), on the off chance that you have diabetes or if your blood sugar test in your pre-operation visit was high.
  • A sleep specialist, on the off chance that you have obstructive sleep apnea, which causes gagging or a stop in breathing during your sleep.
  • A specialist who treats blood issue (hematologist), on the off chance that you’ve had blood clots in the past..

Tests Before Surgery
Your doctor may let you know that you require a few tests before surgery. A few tests are for every single surgical patient. Others are done just if you are at danger of certain health problems.

Regular tests that your doctor may inquire as to whether you have not had them recently are:

  • Blood tests, for example, a complete blood count (CBC) and liver, blood sugar and kidney tests.
  • X-Ray of your chest to check your lungs.
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) for your heart checkup.

A few specialist or doctor may likewise request you to have other tests. This relies upon:

  • Your general health and age
  • Health dangers or issues you may have
  • The sort of surgery you are having

These other tests may include:

  • Tests that check the lining of your bowels or stomach, for example, a colonoscopy or upper endoscopy
  • Lung capacity tests
  • Heart stress test or other heart tests.
  • Imaging tests, for example, a MRI scan, ultrasound test or CT scan.

Ensure the specialist who do your pre- Surgery tests send the result to your surgeon . This keeps your surgery from being postponed.

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